Fox also remembers the early days of KSHO-TV. This is a titanic skewering of the legendary film, and also of the legendary Vegas headliner. I realized how ignorant I had been about Southern Nevada, and I better open up my eyes because there might be some opportunity out here, Quinones said. Courvoisier's career spanned such major news events. I can remember the package. The surprising reason women might develop asthma as adults, Can a billboard end antisemitism?: This nonprofit thinks it can help, Many Americans neglect to plan for long-term care, Savvy Senior: What to know about donating your body to science, Meditation helps Michael B. Jordan roll with punches, COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations remain low. Steve Schorr spent decades reporting Las Vegas news at multiple stations, but he started at KTNV. So, I just happened to look at it and I'm seeing the rioting, all the rioting happening.". Children were his passion," Darrin said. Chief among them, general manager Chris Way and news director Nancy Bauer were let go June 1. But you may not know the story behind one architect who made a major impact on Las Vegas and beyond. Their status is based on the most current information available, though given the speed with which newsies swap gigs, some circumstances already might have changed. Like us on Facebook. (Bizuayehu Tesfaye/Las Vegas Review-Journal) @bizutesfaye, Emmett Scott Prothero, World War II veteran, left, and Kevin Janison, meteorologist for NBC 3, speak at the opening ceremony of the Ride 2 Recovery Honor Ride Las Vegas to benefit Veterans and First Responders in November 2016 at the Rock in Rio parking lot. I can only answer for myself, but anytime you undergo turmoil, its going to shake things up, no matter what.. Meantime, The Venetians Opaline Theater (once home to Rock of Ages) remains totally open. Hey, can you fly? Strong media and communication professional skilled in Broadcasting, News Writing, Avid Technology . She says after the Moulin Rouge shut down just 6 months after opening, her father saw an opportunity to take his talents and his message to television. Vegas! "13 started in its first year or so as a movie station. 35,000 permanent population. It appears, meteorologist Casey Curry and KTRK-TV have unceremoniously parted ways after 11 years on the weather wall. Fields of ephemeral wildflowers arent expected this year at Death Valley, but the nearby national parks rock-solidly stunning geology never takes time off. He developed numerous successful public and community relations efforts including those for Cox Communications and the Las Vegas Review-Journal . He seemed like just a person that believed in in in Southern Nevada, the community of Las Vegas and Henderson, and was a positive part of the community. So we dropped that cowboy and Indian marketing and image. The Tiger King show hasnt yet even been titled. Those properties were owned by those groups for many, many years. "They could tell when we went down to Fremont Street, that we're the girls from the Rouge though. And I think Las Vegas really responded to that and got behind the Knights. [] DMA 40 If youre looking to help advance medical research and, in the process, eliminate funeral and burial costs, donating your body to science is an option to consider. Like us on Facebook. Steven G. Schorr, a longtime resident of the Las Vegas community and former news anchor, has died from natural causes. The weekly forecast of the Las Vegas media landscape shows an unexpected gust. "Everywhere I turned, there was building construction everywhere I looked. "So we figured, well, you know what? Prior to his stint at KTNV, Courvoisier most recently ended a 14-year run at KLAS Channel 8 in December 2017. Joe Vigil Anchor & Reporter Three-time Emmy award winner Joe Vigil comes to sunny and warm Las Vegas from. Whered they go? On Monday, he and former Channel 13 anchor and reporter Yasmeen Hassan are launching the media consulting company HCue. "Who would have ever thought that somebody would bring all those weapons up to a room and open up a window and shoot down on people enjoying a concert?" Owner at Prescription Bluegrass Blog, Owner - Program Host at Prescription Bluegrass Syndicated Broadcast Quality Audio Production, Music Research, Personnel Motivation, Audience Engagement, What is claimed as being new and desired to be protected by Letters Patent of the united states is ENPS, Broadcast Journalism, Avid, Breaking News, Broadcast, News Writing, Broadcast Television, President, Consultant, Expert Witness at The Barrett Company, Inc, Senior Executive, Entrepreneur, and Expert Witness, Board of Director at, Owner at, Realtor at. General Manager Chris Way and news director Nancy Bauer left the station at the beginning of June. He and former KTNV anchor Yasmeen Hassan have launched the HCue media consulting company. Darrin says one of the biggest honors of his father's life was when the Clark County School District named an elementary school after him. Over the past 40 years, Schorr was widely recognized by local, state and national organizations for his involvement with civic organizations, youth groups and public service agencies. Claudine Chalfant Anchor. The Sands Hotel, the Dunes Hotel, the Last Frontier became the New Frontier Hotel, the Sahara. He arrived at KTNV in January 2016. Way says the station had to pivot as an organization to get people out of the building and find a way to put on newscasts remotely. Sandy Murphy and her boyfriend Rick Tabish were convicted of murdering casino mogul Ted Binion in 2000, but the duo was granted a retrial in 2004 and eventually acquitted. Former CNN news anchor Bobbie Battista died Tuesday at the age of 67, after a four-year battle with cervical cancer Morehead Former WTSP Sports Anchor Dies By Kevin Eck on Jun The 50-year-old filed a lawsuit Monday against Hoak Ray Moore, who was the news director and an anchor on WSB-TV from the early 1950's until the 1980's, has died at age . Awakening at Wynn Las Vegas continues to seek methods to fill the room. A series centered on Crazy Horse 3 is to be presented as a topless-club variation of the The Real Housewives franchise. "It is a slow-moving tragedy. Hes at 2 p.m. this weekend, with guest vocalist Rachel Oliver Cobbin of Atlantic Starr. "TV was a very small medium. Weezer most recently played the Strip at the NFL Draft event in April and was also at the iHeart Radio Music Festival in September 2021. Darrin says his dad will be remembered as a broadcaster, a family man, a child advocate and a true community partner. Don't miss the big stories. The show promises a musical celebration that turns one of the greatest love stories of all time into a hysterical and joyful slay-fest. The New York Times reports, Near, far, wherever you are, Celine Dion will be there in this sendup, which doubles down on Titanic and Celine Dion as MODERN CAMP ICONS! Vulture says, Swim, dont walk, to see this Celine Dion jukebox fantasia!. These productions have not been confirmed to the point of going onsale. His PodKats! podcast can be found at I knew I had to get involved and step up and do whatever I could do," Kean said. Quinones joins Beth Fisher, Dayna Roselli, Jessica Janner and Greg Bennett on the weekday morning news program. Despite these challenges, Quinones says our role has remained the same. Introduction : Brett Winterble is a smart, quick-witted, and entertaining broadcaster. Steve Schorr spent decades reporting Las Vegas news at multiple stations, but he started at KTNV. Housing wasn't the only thing impacted. "It was challenging, and you know, the big concern for me was people's health and safety. UPDATED 4:48 PM ET Aug. 14, 2020. Sep. 3, 2021. I mean, when you shut down the Strip and so much of our economy and the workers are all in one area, thousands of people needed money and they needed it fast; you can't shut a state down without having a plan in place. Courvoisiers final day on the air is July 22. You had North Las Vegas starting to sprawl.". He was two-thirds through a three-year contract that had a an annual out clause for either side. Courvoisiers career spanned such major news events as Hurricanes Andrew and Katrina, the Oct. 1 shootings and three Democratic National Conventions. He was showing me this video of him running away and you can see people running and hearing shots, and I went, 'Oh my goodness, this is huge.'". They were able to buy it for just $70,000. He used to take her on set as a little girl and she even made some memorable cameos on the show! Let's go!" Rusty Garrett held the position of chief weather anchor for KWTX News 10 from 1989 and headed up Central Texas' most advanced forecast center until he retired in June 2019. Smith's bio has been removed from the station website. While trying to maintain a business, we're trying to do our mission, serving our audience. Throughout the years he also helped countless minority businesses in Las Vegas get off the ground. New Anchor jobs added daily. Home. For 17 years, Tricia Kean has been a weekday anchor and a longtime advocate for consumers in Southern Nevada who have been ripped off or scammed. RELATED: Former Las Vegas news anchor, community leader Steve Schorr passes away. Sax specialist Justin Young kicks it up at Notoriety Lives Robin Leach Lounge the last Sunday of every month, including this one. If youve driven on Interstate 15 north of Charleston Boulevard or on Interstate 515 east of Las Vegas Boulevard recently, you may have noticed a bright pink billboard amid the earthy desert hues. She was one of the first female directors in Nevada. Home. The show featured big names like Frank Sinatra, Siegfried and Roy, and Muhammad Ali. She currently anchors shows from 4:30 to 7 a.m. and 11 a.m. to. "There was no playbook for us," said Chris Way, vice president and general manager of KTNV. I was hired to be their Weekend Evening Weather Anchor and Weather Producer during the week. The veteran anchor leaves ABC affiliate KTNV Channel 13. His PodKats! podcast can be found at Dana Perino is a show host and political commentator for Fox News. Transfix, featuring several international artists, opens in April on the Enchant site. You had crime on the increase. Meditation is my escape from a world where there is a lot going on, says Jordan, who added directing duties to his starring role in the boxing sequel Creed III.. I look back on what that those the guys, the wise guys got away with in the 1970s and what was not reported on," Fox said. She also got a job opportunity with WFXT-TV FOX 25, a Fox-affiliate news station. Titanique opens a limited run Tuesday at AsylumNYC comedy club in New York. "People were losing their homes, getting foreclosed and people couldn't stay in them anymore and didn't have an option of refinancing," Roselli said. We want you to tell us if we could live without something.. He gets a few candidates. But so far, everyone at the station has been very welcoming., Janison left KSNV Channel 3 on New Years Eve, ending a 15-year run at the Vegas NBC affiliate. Trust me, it wasn't anything like it is today," Fox said. KPTV is the Fox-affiliated television station serving the Portland, Oregon market, which includes most of the state of Oregon and portions of Southwest Washington. Quinones worked for 15 years as a reporter and anchor at CBS affiliate KYW in his hometown of Philadelphia. The boring answer is its a case-by-case basis. Producer David Saxe continues to bump the Tiger King parody planned for V Theater to sometime in August. More. Don't miss the big stories. "KSHO at the time that I started, there was an old barn that we all worked out of, said Marla Letizia, who started at Channel 13 as a director. Every day you'd see a story in the news about Spilotro and Rosenthal," Letitiza said. The KABC team covers the Los Angeles and Southern California area like no one else. By continuing to browse or by clicking I Accept Cookies you agree to the storing of first-party and third-party cookies on your device and consent to the disclosure of your personal information to our third party service providers or advertising partners to optimize your experience, analyze traffic and personalize content. Former Good Morning Las Vegas anchor Dayna Roselli says she remembers waking up to alerts from the newsroom on her phone. Wednesday, Courvoisier said his departure amounted to a life decision., I am the oldest guy on Las Vegas TV, said Courvoisier, who turns 70 in November. Much of their work will be done remotely, too. said Tricia Kean, who has been anchoring at KTN since 2001. Direct Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Customer Acquisition, Digital Marketing, Online Advertising, Voice Talent/Freelancer at, Weekly Evening. Harley Akers: Reports for International News Service, Scott Andrus: Owns Scott Andrus and Co., a motion picture and video company, Rachael Boesing: Self-employed reporter/host, one-time HGTV personality and host of "Hey Remember", Gwen Castaldi: Living outside Salt Lake City, Colin Cowherd: Host of syndicated "The Herd with Colin Cowherd" on ESPN Radio, Trace Gallagher: Anchor, Fox News Channel, Kurt Goff: Co-host on the Family Life, a Christian radio network, Rick Kirkham: Author and motivational speaker, Darwin Morgan: Director of public affairs, National Nuclear Security Administration Nevada site office. Roselli's fouryear contract with the station has run out. Veteran Vegas anchor Dave Courvoisier stepped down to return to his wife, Victoria, in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, closing out his. And that's really when channel 13 was born, as Las Vegas was moving into more of a modern perspective," says Stodal. At one point, he served on the board of directors of 20 local nonprofit organizations. The 13 Action News team joined together to wish Beth Fisher all the best during her final segment on Friday's Good Morning Las Vegas broadcast. One of the ways KTNV kept employees safe was by moving anchors out of the studio and building remote studios in their homes. There was a lot of mob activity going on at that time," Fox said. The Show makes its long-awaited return to Saxe Theater at Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood on July 1. Five kids were killed along the I-15 Speedway at that point. She currently anchors the 5:00, 6:00, 6:30. KTNV Channel 13 Action News employees List of KTNV Channel 13 Action News employees Search and validate emails & phone numbers from 65 KTNV Channel 13 Action News employees Sign Up to Get Free Contacts KTNV Channel 13 Action News Management KTNV Channel 13 Action News Employees 1 , 2 , 3 The population was growing rapidly, the mob was in control, and "Saturday Night Fever" was rocking the valley! The new millennium brought new challenges and growth to Las Vegas. A series centered on Crazy Horse 3 is to be presented as a topless-club variation of the The Real Housewives franchise. A broadcaster already, Schorr landed his first gig at KTNV. I don't care what you're doing, if you're going to start a television station in the early 1960s, you have to have a lot of energy and a lot of belief that you see the future, says Stoldal. Two cases of Legionnaires disease reported at a hotel off the Las Vegas Strip are being investigated, the Southern Nevada Health District said Friday. The veteran anchor leaves ABC affiliate KTNV Channel 13. It was a glory period that they were really doing great things in collegiate basketball. "People were dying, you know, and there was skimming going on. 13 Action News KTNV Channel 13 staff photos and information on anchors, reporters and meteorologists. Some to out-of-town stations throughout the country, others to cable channels and networks, others into private business, still others into public service. Veteran Vegas anchor Dave Courvoisier stepped down to return to his wife, Victoria, in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, closing out his 30-year career on local TV. "We were running the TV show that Frank Rosenthal TV show. Schorr not only changed KTNV but the Las Vegas community he loved so much and the people he was able to help every day. You know, if that happened in a single incident, I think it would galvanize the country and the world around a singular focus and purpose, much like maybe after 1 October or after 9/11. Williams was released on parole in 2019 and a federal judge found Williams was wrongfully convicted of DUI. The weekly forecast of the Las Vegas media landscape has produced some unexpected results. Radio was very big back in those days and newspaper was the number one source for information.". He brought that positive energy. Vegas and Zombie Burlesque down the promenade at V Theater were the final shows to perform just before the COVID shutdown of live entertainment in March 2020. Summit is no dates scheduled after Derek Houghs No Limit closes Sept. 10. I had walked down to the lobby of my high-rise building and people were coming in. On top of that, the FCC pulled KSHO-TVs license. Social Media, Edius, Storytelling, Breaking News, Non-linear Editing, Broadcast Journalism, Student at University of Nevada Las Vegas, Chief Technology Officer, Senior Vice President at. Honestly, if you had told me seven years ago then I would be leaving the news business and staying in Southern Nevada. The mob wasn't the only headline at the time, Las Vegas had a spell of "Saturday Night Fever." The production is playing Old Globe in San Diego through July 10, then Pasadena Playhouse from July 12-Aug. 7. John Overall: Anchor, KTVL-TV, Medford, Ore. David Riggleman: City of Las Vegas communications director, Mitch Roberts: Sports anchor, KVII-TV, Amarillo, Texas, Kendall Tenney: Runs local PR firm 10-e PR, Dan Burns: Communications director for Gov. Irsay, Davis nearly move free rock show to Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas concert featuring music greats changes start time, Jeff Ross finds Shaq, Mark Davis, Wahlberg roast-worthy, Dozens of Vegas singers rock St. Baldricks fundraiser, Another Raider joins teams wedding flurry, Worlds largest immersive art experience opening on the Strip, Las Vegas nightclub to be featured in reality series. Beckstrom announced the newson social media by saying, "After 3 years in Las Vegas, I'm. We marketed ourselves as cowboys and Indians. 4925 Energy Way Reno, NV 89502 Phone: 775-858-2222 Email: On the other hand, there were Las Vegas stories that caught national attention, including the kidnapping of Steve Wynn's daughter Kevyn in 1993 and the shooting of hip hop start Tupac Shakur and record producer Marion "Suge" Knight. KTNV Reporters 742 Darcy Spears - 13 Action News Chief Investigative Reporter | Contact 13 KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas View full playlist 169 Yasmeen Hassan KTNV Stories KTNV Channel 13 Las. However, watching the community heal helped her heal, and Kean says one thing that banded the valley together very quickly was the Vegas Golden Knight's historic inaugural season. As the mob dominated the headlines, Fox says that covering their stories were not only challenging, but frightening at times. It's authentic and fair. Sometimes the same film would be seen in the morning, the afternoon and evening. The massively popular (and recently retired) Vegas weatherman is joining the KTNV Channel 13 broadcast team this week. COVID shutdown of live entertainment in March 2020. Schorr's most recent role before he died in November 2020 was Executive Vice President of Government Affairs at Fierro Communications. Feb 16 Paul Revere Williams made his mark in Las Vegas with his designs in the 1960s. And that's our focus and that's our whole purpose," Quinones said. Claudine Chalfant grew up in North Carolina and attended North Carolina State University, where she was a member of the National Cheerleading Championship team, interned at a local . . Meteorologist Dani Beckstrom is also leaving the station, for a position at WABC in New York. "It was challenging, but I got a lot more confidence. Shows. Scripps-owned ABC affiliate KTNV Las Vegas (DMA 40) has hired Todd Quinones as news anchor for Good Morning Las Vegas. The monitor was for the national feed in the Los Angeles feed was right as I came off the set. When you think of where we stand now, 560,000 Americans are dead. John Katsilometes column runs daily in the A section. Margaret Rudin was on trial accused of killing her husband, Ron, after a few years on the run from authorities. Williams' case received national attention as the crash shined a spotlight on marijuana, ecstasy and how these substances impair someone's ability to drive. I could give 50 spots for $350. The Moulin Rouge was the first integrated hotel-casino in the United States. 13 Action News General Manager Chris Way says he moved to the valley during its big boom in the early 2000s. Discos were popping up all over the valley and Mitch says he was there to cover most of the openings. Our newscasts happened live.". Loss Prevention, Merchandising, Store Operations, Retail, Driving Results, Retail Sales, Shrinkage, Co-host of "The Agenda"/Political Reporter & Commentator at KSNV-TV News3 Las Vegas. Meet Our Team KSL TV. Top Stories. He said on-air, Its a good chance this is the last weather cast Ill ever be involved with. As we celebrate 65 years in Las Vegas, we're taking a look back at the very early days of KTNV-TV. KTNVLas Vegas meteorologist Dani Beckstromis joining America's most-watched local station, New York's WABC. Ramalho announced his candidacy via social media Wednesday, saying he plans to push for voter ID and would move to end so-called ballot harvesting. And I think if you hold true to that, no matter the tragedy, no matter the victories that we go through as a community, we'll be here. At KTNV, Schorr reported on some of the biggest stories of the 80s, including the deadly fires at the MGM Grand and Hilton. Quinones is among several KTNV staffers and executives to leave the company, or announce they are planning to leave, over the past several weeks. Tickets are $39-$45; go to for info. Explore. High winds forced an audible at the Jim Irsay Collection event, but the show stayed downtown. Katie Crowther Las Vegas, NV Professions & Specialties Reporter News Anchor Commercial Announcer Presenter Advertising Sales Agent Experience & Education Position: Reporter at KTNV - Channel 13 - Journal Broadcast Title: Reporter at KTNV - Channel 13 - ABC - Journal Broadcast Location: Las Vegas, Nevada Area Industry: Broadcast Media But, in one year, the company cashed out and left the station to three familiar Las Vegas names Nathan Adelson, Mervyn Adelson and Irwin Molasky. Quinones says the staff changes are simply part of a larger, long-running trend in broadcast news.

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