Novelty will be the main motivator, and loss of freedom the biggest discomfort. the significance of the rising (also known as the ascendant): your rising sign is the zodiac sign which was ascending on the horizon at the time of your birth, the sign that your 1st house falls in. Even if they dont know you well, they wont hesitate to correct you and set you straight on something youre wrong about. This is the other workaholic house, after sixth house stelliums. Capricorn rising subdues a bit the best qualities of your Libra sun. As we take on a body, we become an individual and our unique charts are formed. A Leo stellium in the sixth house would make someone who is perfectionistic in a creative venture, like a writer or musician who will practice their craft till its perfect they may also be focused on helping their children or pets at whatever cost necessary. A Libra stellium could show growth through partnership. Sorry Libra, you got the rant xD. Extremely expressive features with long limbs compared to the torso even a short cancer rising will often have a lanky look to their arms and legs. Since the sun rises and sets at different times depending on the season, a person born at 10:00 a.m. in April would have a vastly different ascendant than someone born at 10:00 a.m. in November. The thing is, having a Scorpio Sun or Moon can make you very deep thinking too, but the thing about Scorpio rising is that this mode of deep thinking is initiated in their IMMEDIATE, environment, because thats what the rising sign is about. Psychic ability could manifest here. For a Scorpio rising, love is forever. It's the lens you see the world through and describes how others perceive you when they first meet you. The native here will enjoy learning, philosophy and travel as a means to discover new things. Gemini: You will see a difference when there is a Cancer stellium in the tenth house. Aquarius stelliums will have unique, devils advocate style ideas and will enjoy bucking the social norm as they communicate. A stellium in Cancer will indicate a desire for freedom in living situations - they may bounce around a lot, or else they may fixate on the perfect home, one they dont have yet. sagittarius Aries: Taller than average, spindly body, elongated face and neck. You're happy to give, and you know how to please others. pisces No other rising sign is at more of a risk to use sex as a weapon or become all consumed by love and passion. Their height is usually average and their body is solid (not necessarily plump or fat) with pleasing proportions. often described as your basic personality/identity. These folks, with the 6th-12th house opposition in place, will have a much more relaxed attitude and may be more go with the flow than their sixth house stellium peers. Aries. The sign of justice ruled by sweet Venus, Libra risings are pleasant to be around, fair, and naturally attractive to others. *a disclaimer that genetics are undeniably more impactful; some people do not resonate with their rising signs in terms of appearance at all and that is normal. They are supportive, kind and spiritual. They dont have to get emotional to do this, and dont have this inner fire to pursue deep thinking like Scorpio Sun would, they just do immediately and instinctively and it can be very crazy making for us. Do you feel your rising sign is an accurate representation of your overall appearance? They will come up with inside jokes with people they meet, will network, and find a uniting factor between themselves and any given person. Rising Signs by Appearance CONTENT TAKEN FROM: "Your ascendant will often designate how you look, and if you have any particularly strong dominants or large planets very close to your sun, they will also have an influence on your physique. Theyre like baby horses, just trying to find their footing so they can grow up to be a magnificent racehorse.Openness and friendliness show in the Archers face and posture. noticeable (thick or long yet elengant). They have long legs and their skin may be problematic. usually gives hypnotic facial traits (magnetic deep dark almond shaped eyes, fixed look, roman or concave nose, proeminent eyewbrows, long lashes, etc.) TAURUS risings are very generous and giving, and it tends to be because they dont want to get wrapped out in the complicated nature of 8th house stuff. usually gives distinct, lovely facial traits ( bright big eyes, really long lashes, proeminent square shaped eyebrows, great skin, upper lip is thin, wide smile etc.). Their overall personality is soft and sensitive. Their demeanor will clearly change when the topic of discussion isnt them and a lot of them find significant ways to inject me or I back into it. Their hair tends toward naturally curly or wavy. Typically your karma as well. A Taurus stellium here will show a person who wants a stable home with nice things in it, or possibly in nature. Virgoascending the ascendant, along with planets which fall in the first house and the signature sign, is one of the most significant astrological indicators for physical appearance*. 4th house -Fourth house stellium people are intensely shaped by their home environment, either in childhood or in adulthood (or both). Otherwise, at a party or something, they seem like theyre biding their time for something more important to do. Ive noticed Sagittarius risings often dont show up to social events either for mysterious reasons- they wont really explain why or itll seem mysterious in nature but they wont show up, and people tend to miss them/worry about them because of it. It could also be that they give very simple responses to whatever youre saying, to the point that it pares down the discussion to the basics. Although they are harmless and charming enough, its obvious how much they want to influence you. 2nd house -Second house stelliums are always out for security. It means you could be any zodiac sign, but Leo in your 1st house at the time of your birth makes you a Leo ascendant. Taurus rising / Taurus ascendant. Your ascendant will often designate how you look, and if you have any particularly strong dominants or large planets very close to your sun, they will also have an influence on your physique. A lot of talks can revolve around memories and nostalgia. Theyd rather give to everyone and show their cards than find themselves feeling in debt to others, or like people are angry with them or anything. Prominent forehead with thick eyebrows that accentuate the bridge of the nose. Also known as the ascendant, the rising sign in your natal birth chart is how others see you, sort of like the mask you wear and how you present yourself to the world. Regardless, the basic essence of the sign on the Ascendant will still be there. They will usually have full cheekbones, plump lips, almond shaped eyes, attractive smiles and luscious hair. The Descendant. "Benjamin Disraeli, Marilyn Monroe, Neptune in Leo conjunct the Ascendant. Generally have red or sandy blonde hair. Other times, they just refuse to budge. They could be involved in protests, or working to make changes in the community. AQUARIUS RISING The uniqueness of those with this placement is most noticeable. Also, like children, their self-concern is very obvious. In any case, there is a sense of them cutting through the bullshit and being real, as well as calling out someone else for some offense. Possible birthmarks or other scars on the face or head. Their hair may be red or blonde (sandy blonde or platinum blonde). They have such a quiet authority and power and can be very dainty in their mannerisms and everything. However, if this sign is betrayed, the sting . Uranus here can indicate someone who moves around a lot, while Pluto can represent a very unstable home situation. It is also important to remember that astrology and rulership . Not only your venus or moon sign! This sign rules the stomach and breasts, and these are often noticeable in some way. Ive noticed a lot of Pisces risings tend to feel like outcasts in this world. There is something childlike about them because they are so spontaneous, courageous, and frank. Often times, this is because they will openly tell you how unique or different they are in contrast to other people. They will stand and move like trained royalty. Correlations in rising sign appearance. In fact, there is a potential for them to seem flat-out rude on first impression. This part of the birth chart that . rising sign+ physical appearance. Taurus: Solidly built and usually of average height. ARIES RISING: 0-959 Aries / 10-1959 Leo / 20-2959 Sagittarius. There is a sweet and sympathetic face that often looks ready to listen to all of your troubles. your general appearance sun sign: what people see when they get to know you better. You may catch them staring at their own expressions in the mirror, busy analyzing perceived flaws, but only when they think no ones looking. The women are usually flat, but sometimes they may be curvy. The face can be placid and mysterious but the expression can also turn scary or creepy without warning. Otherwise, they are noticeably hard to pin down. usually givesvery feminine, doll-like facial features ( Dreamy big wet eyes, Aries rising will most likely walk in a brisk, confident way. Average height, can be stout or even prone to weight gain. Whether they are seemingly extroverted and light or not, these people always betray their intensity and seriousness when theyre not speaking. In facial outline identification, it is best to look at pictures of the person while still fairly young so you are not fooled by weight gain, sagging, fluid retention. You may be giving only a halfhearted effort to deal with struggles that arise. leo They like big ticket issues and enjoy thinking about things on a grand, Uranian scale. Taurus: A Sagittarius stellium in the eighth will create a lot of occultism intrigue, and opportunity for travel. Its obvious how much they dart from one thing to the next, whether thats regarding the things they speak of or the activities they do. Someone with a Pisces stellium in the seventh house might be more apt to connect through dreams, wishes, and spirituality so would look for partnership through those avenues. AQUARIUS risings, Ive noticed are really good at knowing how to get a rise out of people and also knowing EXACTLY how people are going to react to what theyll say or do. Still, in spite of this, there are moments where they can expose a part of themselves that you never knew was there. A stellium in Libra will indicate a desire for freedom in romantic partnership. These people don't come off as very intense or aggressive. Aries Rising may be with a darker/tanner skin coloring and there may be scars or marks about the head. Graceful in manner, but sometimes may appear uptight, bored, or uncomfortable because they have difficulty relaxing. Scorpio: There is an energy of eagerness, empathy, and naivety to these natives. They get things done, and know the best path to take to get the most work done. CONTENT TAKEN FROM: But, they are known for their sly, subtle looks, especially by looking at you sideways or avoiding eye contact altogether. Theyre not exactly. Fifth house stelliums motivation is to create and express. Taurus: Solidly built and usually of average height. Dark, thin hair. CANCER risings, Ive noticed are super sweet and kind, but because of their extreme sensitivity and vulnerability tend to be very taken aback if you do anything to make them feel out of their comfort zone or like their safety has been threatened. When at rest, theyll exhibit steady, somewhat serious expressions. They are tall and slender. Teeth are noticeable for being either a dentists dream in the good way or a dentists dream in the bad way. The skin may be tanned and the hair tends to be red or blonde and thick. In fact, not being funny will really, really lose them. You are not only your sun sign! The skin is a pale color, but can tan. LIBRA risings Ive noticed, can be very cynical but very motivated to move forward nonetheless especially because theyd never want to let anybody else down. They may be pale and silky. Although theyre generally goofy, silly, or carefree, they are surprisingly wise and enlightening, as well. when people ask you what your "sign" is- although no more important than your moon sign, this is the sign you tell them. The forehead area rounds or slants inward more than the fixed or mutable faces.FIXED - RECTANGULAR OR SQUARISH/BLOCKY FACES. They tend toward strong color in their complexion, sometimes tending to ruddy. The thing is, then youll see them talk the same way to someone else and some people, especially water signs will see this as a betrayal when they dont mean to hurt anyone, they are just natural socials and want to extend the same kindness and communication to everyone. Cancer: I think this also relates to how in Vedic, the Libras are mostly Virgos. Sagittariusascending It seems like they are always eager to understand themselves more and be more authentic, keeping them on a journey of self-discovery. In general, they can seem very youthful well into adulthood. Sagittarius: They may experience a lot of death or tragedy around them, or just a lot of change and intense situations. Ascendant/Rising Signs and your appearance & style. Your Rising Sign determines your physical features as well (not just face but body as well.) round face with apple cheeks, This will be a major goal in the natives life. You will hear them speaking a lot about amazing experiences theyve had or that they want to have. Your rising sign is Leo if Leo zodiac was present in the 1st house (the eastern horizon from where the sun rises) at the time of your birth. GEMINI: Gemini risings are the kind of people whose faces are an open book, you can often tell what theyre feeling just by the look on their face. The ascendant has a distinct impact on the appearance, both physically and in the intangible. Generally soft-spoken and polite, this sign can fly off at a moments notice into eccentricity. They may find it harder to excel in business or on a societal level. This is a very calm and easy going rising sign. In Virgo stelliums you will see more outward energy, and the person will be more rooted and less dreamy. The second decan is between 10-20 degrees. These individuals will be more focused on teaching others and may ignore their own personal quest for freedom by giving it to everyone else. A stellium in this house in Scorpio will make a different result here, however. They are often too humble for that. It sets up your birth chart. They often have a powerful magnetism that draws people to them. Their duality is obvious and they can speak of themselves in 3rd person or like a detached observer. Whats a Moon Sign and How Do I Find Mine? Their response to compliments can be quite dramatic, either through being wildly flattered and amused or going to great lengths to deny it, which is really just them fishing for more flattery. The way that they make conversation is very distinct. These people know how to charm others and to convey the image they want into the world. A lot of celebrities have first house stelliums, especially those who are in the public eye frequently. But, there is a lot of emphasis on agreeing with people. They are often intelligent and unusual, and sometimes intense. Your IC, or Immum Coeli, just as much as your Ascendant (Rising Sign), shows your appearance. CAPRICORN RISING There is a strong focus on results and it makes them seem to be so realistic. The height is usually above average. Bright, clear eyes with a gentle but direct expression, delicate noses, and well-shaped, curvy lips. The Ascendant is the zodiac sign that is rising over the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth. 8th house -Eighth house stelliums are similar to fourth house stelliums in that they have a lot of factors to consider. They may be fat. As soon as you do that, theyll forgive you, but they will deem you as someone who they should be wary around- and of course theyll bottle up their emotions about it. Mar 26, 2017. ARIES: Often have distinct facial features, prominent eyebrows. They forgive, but they also collect all of the things that have happened and emotionally hold onto them. A Libra stellium in the second house will find security through partnership, whereas a Capricorn stellium will find security through money or career. These people give off a feeling of energy, even when at rest. Those with a Taurus stellium will find an opposite reaction, in that they will hide and reject the darker parts of themselves and pretend they are simply not there, or become fearful of them.

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